Thursday, July 26, 2012

Haemus - an e-journal for the history and archaeology of the Balkan peninsula

Dear colleagues, contributors and scholars,

We are pleased to announce the establishment of HAEMUS, a new academic e-journal devoted to the history and archaeology of the Balkan Peninsula. On this site, you will find details about our aims, our activities and our forthcoming publications. 

We hope that the different profiles of the contributors, as well as the articles dealing with a va­riety of topics and aspects, will help accredit HAEMUS as a stable, peer-reviewed journal of quality that can serve as a source of knowledge on the Balkan Peninsula through the ages. 

By adopting a policy of Free and Open access, we will be ensuring that the submissions reach a wide audience, especially among young scholars, who often have difficulties in obtaining the latest significant scholarship due to steep prices and general inaccessibility.

In the beginning, the journal will be published annually, with the possibility of a semi-annual publication, depending on the number of submissions. Research articles will be called for on all aspects of the history and archaeology of the Balkan peninsula, from prehistory and antiquity to our times, including studies of clas­sical and modern science.

The journal will contain the standard co­lumns for these types of publications: articles and papers, dis­cussions, essays, biographies, bibliographies, reviews, summaries, etc. The articles, published in English, will be accessible to the wider academic community, as well as to the devotees of history and archaeology who will have the opportunity to read them in an electronic version.

We sincerely hope that the quality of the articles, as well as the contributors’ se­rious and thorough approach, will spark an interest in the academic community dealing with historiography, thus helping to establish a long-lasting and efficient scholarly cooperation.

The founders of HAEMUS,

Vojislav Sarakinski, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia
Vasilka Dimitrovska, University of Goce Delčev, Štip, Macedonia

Welcome to Haemus journal 

Original Coat of arms in color, courtesy of Haemus NGO
Design and emblazoning: Herald Jovan Jonoski, Mth

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