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My theses about the neolithic stone industry from Rug Bair

On 30.05.2011 in 12:30 h. at the Archaeology Department at the Philosophical Faculty (University of Belgrade), I defended my thesis titled: 'The chipped and ground stone industry from the neolithic site of Rug Bair at Gorubinci, in a wider regional context', before the commission consists of: Ph. D. Dusan Mihailović (mentor), Ph. D. Nenad Tasić, Ph. D. Dragan Antonović and Ph. D. Boban Tripković. I received a degree of Master of science (M. Sci.) in archaeology, which is the one step of a doctorate, and considering the importance of my work, the next degree is not so far away. :)

A moment from my presentation in the hall 'Dragoslav Srejović',
Philosophical Faculty, University of Belgrade, Serbia

The chipped and ground stone industry from the neolithic site of Rug Bair at Gorubinci, in a wider regional context


This paper covers the unpublished stone artifacts from 1970s, taken from a trench from the excavation at Rug Bair, and today housed in the Museum and Institute for protection of Stip, Macedonia. Through the stone material, an attempt was made a more comprehensive picture of the raw material, technical and typological characteristics of the Neolithic stone industry at this site to be gained as well as its relationship with related simultaneously industries.

All stone artifacts from the site at Rug Bair, village of Gorobinci (Saint Nicholas), were divided into three main groups: chipped, ground and grind/abrasive stone tools. The access to this material is reduced to petrographic and technological-typological analysis and definition of basic categories and types of tools, based solely on morphological characteristics of artifacts. The results of the technological and typological analysis and analogy with other stone industries in the Neolithic cultures of the southeastern Balkans, contributed to further clarify, in a regional context, certain processes that occurred in the Neolithic period in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and the Balkans.

The stone industry from Rug Bair

A small number of artifacts from the Neolithic stone assemblages from the Republic of Macedonia are the result, above all, the lack of knowledge about the lithic materials, the absence of sieving and flotation, as well as the personal choice of researchers which type of findings is to be kept for the assemblage. Stone tools have not been yet analyzed in detail in the Macedonian Archaeology and Neolithic or New Stone Age in Macedonia, and are still identified only with the ceramic production.

This thesis is an attempt by a methodological way, to sublimate in one place all aspects of the stone industry which will contribute and enable to further studies about this topic in the Republic of Macedonia.

Key words: neolihic, Rug Biar, Amzabegovo-vrshnik, Macedonia, row materials, chipped, ground, abrassive, tools.

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