Saturday, September 18, 2010

The prehistoric and protohistoric site of Cocev Kamen


For a long time Republic of Macedonia was terra blanca in the field of rock art and prehistoric rock painting. That is, until the dicovery of Cocev Kamen, a rock from a volcanic origin consisting of caves and rock-shelters. It is believed that Cocev Kamen had been used as a temple from prehistoric times (Neolithic/Bronze age), throughout Roman times, up until the Middle Ages, due to the surrounding archaeological sites and the abundance od pottery fragments, as well as the flint tools. 


There are visible interventions on the stone surface everywhere, in the form of stairs, pools, thrones, and one big cave was completly rearanged, with a large part of its wall ripped off to make a fenced platform looking at the nearby hill, which contains big stones looking like megaliths. Considering the sacred purposes of the site combined also with these megaliths, it is also believed that Cocev Kamen had been used as a prehistoric observatory. This topic instigated a big debate in Macedonian archaeology through the media, but none of the opinons made have been confrmed yet with a scientific paper.


Some of the rock shelters are decorated with red figurative prehistoric rock art. The comparison with caves in Bulgaria, but esspecially with some rock paintings in Italy (such as Porto Badisco), indicates that these rock paintings belong to prehisory. Currently I am working on a scientifical paper to make a comparison of Cocev Kamen with some Balkan sites or maybe wider. Wish me a luck, because the site and science deserve for Cocev Kamen to be made known to a wider public.

I am standing in front of the red rock art paintings at Cocev Kamen
(probably Neolithic or Eneolithic/Bronze age)

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