Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Bradt Travel Guide for Macedonia

I got a lovely present a week ago from the British tourists - The Bradt Travel Guide for Macedonia! I was guiding them through the cultural and historical monuments in western Macedonia, and they left me their travel book since I don't have a chance to buy it or order it via internet. The Bradt Travel Guide for Macedonia is probably the best travel guide in a foreign language, I have ever seen.The Bradt guide actually is the only English-language guidebook to Macedonia.

The Bradt Travel Guide for Macedonia gives a lot information about our country, cultural-historical monuments, customs, folk festivals, wine, archaeology – and, of course, Macedonia's fast-improving hotels, restaurants and bars. It is organized in two chapters. The first part is general, and the second part includes a guide for several regions, concentrating mostly on Skopje, Ohrid (included on UNESCO heritage list) and National Parks, as well as the other part of Macedonia with all the opportunities for the tourist leisure they offer.

The third edition of The Bradt Travel Guide for Macedonia was published in November 2009; it contains 360 pages (16 pages of colour photos) and about 45 maps. Of course, this is not a finished version. There are a lot of chapters to be included, rewrite or update. But this book is very important for Macedonia and our tourism, due to the fact that the history of Macedonia is very problematic especially when our neighbouring countries are writing about it. Guys, thank you for the present. I shall try to read it carefully and send my comments to the editors for improvement of the articles. :)

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Thammy Evans said...

Glad you like it so far. I look forward to your comments. The guidebook will of course never be 'finished', as countries and what they have to offer always change, including our knowledge of their history as we (notably you as an archaeologist) literally uncover more findings.
The Bradt Guide to Macedonia


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