Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Skopje Fortress - The artifacts speak, don't they?

I haven’t been in the field since 2006. In 2007 I was working at the Skopje Fortress excavation, but I was responsible for the documentation sector, so mostly I spent my time at the computer.Three years have passed since the beginning of the  excavation but unfortunately the artifacts have not been published yet. In between some of the finds were displayed in the temporary exhibition in the Museum of the city of Skopje. Actually the only visible place about the Skopje Fortress (natives call it Kale, a Turkish word for citadel) is the virtual gallery form the official web site.

On this multi-layered archaeological settlement and cultural-historical monument almost all the civilizations which inhabited the territory of Republic of Macedonia, left traces, because Macedonia has always been a geographical crossroad (both physical and spiritual) between the East and the West.
As archaeologists, unfortunately we do not observe the societies we study, do not read notes and cannot hear the stories of these people. The archaeological job is very difficult because there is no “direct” connection between the matters we study and our present time. We must establish that connection by ourselves. To create authentic stories only on the basis of material fragments which survive the time is great intellectual work, and creative interpretation of the problem that we have before us.

What can we learn from these objects? As a witness from a period of time or space which is sealed in the past, they are trying to reveal the veil of the eternal mystery they are wrapped in. This data will travel a long time, giving us information about the lives and beliefs of their owners. I invite you to browse though the gallery. You will find great stories. Maybe you will have motivation to write a story about the past. Your own, maybe?

*** Many thanks to My little treasure for lecturing this article in English.

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Kittie Howard said...

The several times I visited the Kale I wished there were more information available. Macedonia has a deep, rich history that many could learn from.


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