Friday, February 19, 2010

Official Website of Skopje Old Bazaar

Today I wrote a post about the official website of Skopje Old Bazaar, the most oldest part of the city of Skopje. Global Voices cited me on their web site:

Architecture which is in the program for revitalization

Archaeological Diary informs [MKD] about the opening of the official website [MKD] for governmental Program for Revitalization of the Old Bazaar in Skopje, one of the most significant cultural treasures from the Ottoman period. Archeologist Vasilka Dimitrovska notes that for true revitalization, one has to work on providing content and events that would bring the visitors back into the area, because “the city's spirit consists of people also, not just architecture.” (via

Remains of Shengjul Hammam next to Kurshumli An (~ 1550)

The rest of the story is in macedonian


Kittie Howard said...

This is my favorite part of the city. I am going to try (gulp) to read the Macedonian part. It's been awhile. And Congratulations on your blog's recognition. Big applause for all your hard work!

Arheoblog said...


inter linking between bloggers is normal, and I do not luck of attention, because some of national televisions always cited me, usually with my web site in Macedonian and from time to time I am giving public statements.

For example: and here

I grew up in the old part of the city. I remember when I stayed 'till 3am in the morning in some of the cafe bars within the bazaar. And just in one day in 2001 everything change. :(


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