Saturday, February 13, 2010


For those who are not familiar with the Macedonian ethnology, this it is not an authentic video, and it should be noted that part of the shots in the song so called "Necklace" by Vasko Serafimov (in which the famous Serbian singer Momcilo Bajagic - Bajaga is a guest) are recorded at the Samuel's Fortress and Ancient Theater in Ohrid, part in MNT (Macedonian National Theater), and directed and edited by the artist Kiro Urdin.

Maybe this song does not represent the best mix of contemporary sounds and ethno melody as a way they do it Synthesis or Baklava - very popular Macedonian ethno groups, but certainly it is a good effort a part of tradition which the Macedonian people carry in their genetic code, to be placed in a few minutes' song. Personally, I like it. Presenting the part of the rich Macedonian traditional spiritual and material culture in this manner, we have chances to survive in such a different world of nations. I will cite the very famous Orwell's quote: "All nations are equal, but some nations are more equal than others". Well, currently we belong to the group of less equal nations concerning our cultural heritage which we have to display in front of the public very soon. Because, if we do not do it, we will be forgotten as if we have never existed.

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Kittie Howard said...

Last week, my friend Vaska called from Skopje. We talked a long time via Skype. She was very, very upset about conditions in Macedonia. People are struggling. The situation keeps going down, down, down. (Keep blogging!)


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