Saturday, January 23, 2010


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I saw yesterday the "Avatar". And I liked it a lot. Aside performance which looks like taken from dreamingly "children" stories, I think that the movie carries a message that it is difficult for the human race to understand. It is not easy to frame and to define this message into the movie effects, because it lies behind our tangible world. Avatar is actually all that "consciousness" to which humanity aspires. But also we should ask ourselves does it take million of dollars to spend on a movie, opposite of a technology spectacle which actually promotes anti-technological ideology?! But, the profit is immune to the absurdities.

Mostly I like the replica "I see you". It is not a physical dimension that we know. When they say "I see you" really mean to look at the soul of man, inside, and to be inspired. And to discover that the universal energy and nature are the same prototype which is buried in our conflict with the world itself. Therefore we are suffering as a species.

Image property of 20th Century Fox

Highly recommended for watching, not only for the 3D effects, but because of the story which is so similar to that onе of Indians or Aboriginal cultures. Is this the "quite" apology of the White man what we done to our past!? Because without past, there is no future.

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