Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Miyata - Postojam (I exist)

Да не се заборави кои сме, што сме и од каде сме.

Since its official release, the video of the single "Postojam" (I exist) by the pop rock singer Miyatta received wide media coverage and it is a topic of discussion among the Macedonian population all around the world. Interest for the English translation of the lyrics and releasing it abroad has also been shown. Regardless of the context, the video became something worth a comment. Those who were familiar with that part of Macedonia's history congratulated Miyatta for delivering this audio-visual expression. Those who see such pictures for the first time, think that it is too painful to be true. Some believe that this is just an attempt of attention seeking. All kinds of positive and negative comments are yet to be heard. I am happy that the number of people who were indifferent towards "Postojam" is rather small.

Images of sorrow and exile on one hand, and images of unity and pride on the other make a rather authentic representation of Macedonia.

The past is not to be revived, but to be outgrown.

Let us outgrow it, but first,

Let us know it!

Macedonia exists.

originally posted by Agnes

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