Thursday, March 13, 2008

Protect the heritage of Republic of Macedonia ... write or blog about it

In the vicinity of Prilep, on the archaeological site ,,Markovi Kuli", there are rock paintings with unknown origin. Some of the oral sources say they are prehistoric, other ones they belong to the medieval ages, but none of this is a proof to which period they belong especially because the archaeological excavation has not be done yet.

Unfortunately in Republic of Macedonia currently there is no any archaeologist or historian of art having rock paintings as a primary topic for his/her investigations.

It does not matter if these rock paintings have prehistoric or medieval roots. The most important is how to protect them from vandalizing (mostly with recent graffiti inscriptions), because they can be a very good source for a lot of other sciences including history of art, ethnology, anthropology etc...


vice said...

Ha, here is English version ;)

Arheoblog said...

Yeah I am everywhere, just like ,,ancient Romans" ;)


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