Monday, August 13, 2007

Excavation of Skopje Fortress - summer 2007 - Macedonia (releasing the web site)

As I already said in one previous post, the excavation of Skopje Fortress began on 14-May-2007. In that time I was in Slovenia and I joined the team two weeks after the beginning of the biggest excavation ever done in Republic of Macedonia, in which more than 250 people are included.

This project is financed by the Government of Republic of Macedonia with a total amount of 2 million Euro, which basically should cover the main goal of the project - researching, rehabilitating, preserving, restoring and presenting the fortification walls and some of the fortress towers.

Skopje Fortress is located in the centre of Skopje, in the capital of Macedonia. From the beginning it was an open public excavation, and releasing a web page was just a question of time. The coordinator of this project Ph. D. Dragi Mitrevski was aware that with the opening of the web page the copy rights of the researchers will be endanger. But according to my opinion, still there are higher purposes in human life, and some of them are concerning the fact that the ordinary people and public need to be informed about all the discoveries during the excavation.

Moment from discovering of the bowl in Sector 3

I have many articles about Macedonian archaeology (mostly in Macedonian) and I will keep writing about. As someone who is directly involved in this excavation and as a colaborator of the official web site, I could write an article which is thousand times better from the best journalist article. Still, my decision was that it is better the public to be informed via relevant source like media and of course the official web site of Skopje Fortress. This web site was released long time ago, only two month after the beginning of the excavation, but from above mentioned reasons I chose to post this information now.

Eneolithic house and finds from prehistory in Sector 7

After Vardarski Rid this is probably for the first time in Republic of Macedonia one archaeological site during the excavation to has its own internet page which is treated as an affirmative contribution to the archaeology. My colleges and I in this moment with our hands we’re digging the culture heritage of Republic of Macedonia creating the archaeological picture of one country in the present, that will serve as a base of collective memory for the future generations.

And I am grateful to all people who are reading my articles. Thank you for your attention.

Official link:

Web site is also avaliable on english:

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