Sunday, August 12, 2007

Don`t change the climate, it may efect on world`s cultural heritage.

If the climate is changing,
as it is
And the glaciers are melting
as they are
than the sea will come to Gevgelia*
and we`ll have
underwater archaeology.

Of course, this is an archaeological joke from the time when I was a student. We`re jocking about the problems that humanity was having with the global warming, but ten years latter - we are facing much bigger problem. It is a fact that during the milenia, people affected the climate and today it may have efects on lots of items, including here world's cultural heritage, too.

This video clip is made by Mite Kuzevski (a.k.a. Bazdardijata), one of the most prominent Macedonian bloggers. I am posting this towards the world Global Debate - The People Speak. This is my support for both cultural heritage and the climate changes.

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