Sunday, December 17, 2006

,Antique Population from Marvinci-Valandovo” - new monograph

,,Antique Population from Marvinci-Valandovo” is the fifth monograph by anthropologist Fanica Veljanovska, employed in The Museum of Macedonia. According to her, in this book are presented:

,,The results of the researched skeletons of people from the necropolis at site Marvinci, which date from several historic periods (4th century B.C. to 4th century A.D.). An anthropological reconstruction of 182 skeletons has been conducted, with determination of the people’s characteristics, their physical appearance, mortality and average lifespan, diseases and injuries. The research on the way people were buried reveals their social status. Most of them were part of the middle class, while a small number belonged to the very rich or poor. Women were buried with less items than men, which points to the fact they had a marginalized status.Fanica Veljanovska has already published five monographs and over 30 texts on this problematic. Her next target is to research Dunje near Prilep, followed by Stobi.

PhD.Fanica Veljanovska in 2004 was an author of an very interesting exhibition, named as ,,Man in the past", which was followed with interactive multimedia CD-ROM. In that time I din`t have a blog, but now I have unlimited possibilities. I made a brief slide show with the photographs of this exhibition.

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