Friday, November 03, 2006

Exhibition “Heraklea – Pearl of Antiquity” Opens

An exhibition, “Heraklea – Pearl of Antiquity” opened at the premises of Magaza gallery in Bitola yesterday. The show is organized by the National Institution, Institute and Museum Bitola.
”Bitola is the pioneer because an exhibition of pictures of archaeological sites is organized for the first time. Usually, we make such presentations with the exhibits themselves upon consideration that 3D objects attract greater attention,” Pasko Kuzman, Director of the Directorate for Protection of Monuments and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Macedonia said at the opening ceremony. “Heraklea Lynkestis, the town of Heracles and Philip II shows us proudly that it is one important segment of the identity to which we belong today and therefore, this piquant setting enables us to penetrate imaginatively the eternity and return to the world of reality.”
The exhibition was first organized in Sofia.

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