Monday, July 17, 2006

Museums show archaeological and historical wealth of Turkey

Museums show archaeological and historical wealth of Turkey

According to the Culture and Tourism Ministry, museums in Turkey house 1,658,275 coins; 688,032 archaeological and 290,573 ethnographical artifacts; 118,005 tablets; 24,885 manuscripts; and 23,894 seals and seal stamps, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign visitors

The museums of a country are probably the most distinctive signs of the importance that country attaches to culture and history. It can also be said the amount of interest shown in museums depends on how capable they are of presenting the cultural and archaeological wealth of a country.

However, Turkey's museums recently came to the agenda due to an unfortunate event -- the theft and replacement by fakes of pieces from the Karun Treasure on display in Uşak Archaeology Museum. Turkey possesses a large number of museums housing its centuries-old cultural heritage.

A total of 2,815,470 pieces are currently on display in 92 museums under the auspices of the Culture and Tourism Ministry, according to the ministry's data.

The cultural wealth of Anatolia, host of numerous civilizations throughout history, is attracting many visitors, especially foreign tourists.

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