Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shooting promotional documentary about Macedonian heritage with ARTE

ARTE.tv the German/French production was shooting documentary about the Macedonian cultural heritage and Haemus took part in it. The filming took place on June 11th 2014 at the archaeological site Stobi, which is open air museum open all the year around and National Institution which works at preserving the cultural heritage of the region. 

As a Field Archaeologist and founder of HAEMUS, I was the designated archaeologist and tour guide for the program, something which is part of my everyday work. Together with HAEMUS we would like to extend enormous thanks to the Agency for Promotion & Support of Tourism of the Republic of Macedonia for their support and contacts to enable Haemus’s cooperation with ARTE TV. The documentary series about the heritage of all Balkan countries is scheduled for September 2015 and will be aired by ARTE TV.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

International Archaeology Day 2014 in the Republic of Macedonia

To celebrate the International Day of Archaeology 2014, the Center for Scientific Research and Promotion of Culture “HAEMUS” – Skopje invites you to a series of lectures in the field of archaeology starting at 19:00, on October 30, 2014 (Thursday), at City Hall Skopje.

The event is of promotional character and is organized in collaboration with the Archaeological Institute of America. Its primary goal is to popularize Macedonian archaeology and cultural heritage in general. The International Day of Archaeology is a world event that celebrates archaeology and raises awareness of archaeology as a science, at the same time providing an opportunity for public participation in archaeological activities and debates. The speakers at the event will give 15 min. Presentations, followed by questions from the audience and a debate.

The event is organized by the UNESCO Club HAEMUS, under UNESCO motto “Open Educational Resources” (OER). The event is supported by the Alliance for OER Macedonia.

Facebook page of the event: http://on.fb.me/1xx1Bgh 
Event on the AIA web site: http://bit.ly/1xx1Fwl 
Official web site: www.archaeologyday.org


1 MA Marina Spirova (HAEMUS, Skopje) 
Landscape, performance and cult activities at the Eneolithic sanctuary at St. Atanas (v. Spanchevo) 

2 Dejan Gjorgjievski (Museum of Kumanovo, Kumanovo) 
Preliminary results of the excavations on the site “Crkvishte” (v. Klechovce)

3 MA Biljana Garevska (National Museum of Natural History, Skopje) 
Paleontology at the glance

4 Valentina Todoroska (HAEMUS, Skopje) 
Underwater heritage of the Republic of Macedonia 

5 Pero Sinadinovski (independent researcher, Delčevo) 
Field survey of prehistoric site in the Raechka plane  

15 min. break 

6 MA Vasilka Dimitrovska (HAEMUS, Skopje) Cocev Kamen – when the rocks and stones from our past become science 

7 MA Mimica-Velova Graorkovska (independent researcher, Skopje) 
One case of sharp forced trauma on a skeleton from Eastern Necropolis of Scupi 

8 Dr. Donka Bardzieva-Trajkovska (CCH, Skopje) 
Some new aspects of the iconography of St John the Baptist in the church St.Nicholas in Ljuboten 

9 Dr. Lidija Kovacheva (EuroBalkan, Skopje) 
Forms of Fatalistic Beliefs among Ancient Macedonians 

10 Dr. Nikos Chausidis (University of Skopje, Skopje)
“Macedonian Bronzes” and the Religious Traditions of Iron Age Cultures in the Middle Balkans

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prehistoric conference 2015: “Settlements, culture and population dynamics in Balkan prehistory”, March 13-14, 2015 Skopje, Macedonia

The prehistoric period in the Balkans undoubtedly attracts attention related to the questions about the spatial and temporal boundaries of the ancient societies, showing the common patterns, or maybe interweaving cultures. The conference theme “Settlements, culture and population dynamics in Balkan prehistory” is designed to encourage and inspire different ways of thinking about the past in the prehistory of the Balkan peninsula.

The main aim of the conference is to gather the experts from the Balkans and wider, and to discuss the latest achievements in the field of archaeology. The topics will be focused on main aspects of Balkan prehistory: methodological and theoretical frameworks for interpreting the archaeological record, artifact analyses and related disciplines. The conference offers the opportunity to get up close to Balkan prehistory and to discover some of the mysteries or challenges about this enigmatic period.

The main topics of the conference are:

• Landscape, settlements and human interaction
• Social relation and cultural dynamics of societies
• Interpretation of cults, rites and symbols
• Technological achievements • Art and material culture
• Bio-archaeological perspectives
• Managing archaeological heritage
• Current research

The ‘Settlements, culture and population dynamics in Balkan prehistory’ conference allows both undergraduate and postgraduate students of archaeology and related disciplines an unprecedented opportunity to share innovative research and views on the past.

Important dates:

October 15, 2014   -   Deadline for the submission of Round Tables
October 16, 2014   -   Announcement for thematic Round Table/s
October 17, 2014   -   Applying for participation in thematic Round Table/s
January 15, 2015   -   Deadline for the submission of paper and poster abstracts and participation in Round Table
January 01, 2015   -   Early Registration
February 01, 2015  -   Late Registration
February 15, 2015  -   Registration closed

Further information about the conference please find at the official site http://balkanprehistory2015.com/

The conference is being organized by HAEMUS – Center for scientific research and promotion of culture.


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