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Upcoming ‘Happy Grandma March Day’ 2016 project

On behalf of the institutional cross-border partnership "National Identities within the United Europe" which was signed in October 2015 in Vidin (Bulgaria) between the Buzau County Museum (Buzau, Romania), the Mihalaki Goergiev Regional Library (Vidin, Bulgaria), HAEMUS - Center for scientific research (Skopje, Macedonia) and the “Library Cultural Center” (Kladovo, Serbia), we would like to announce the launching of the web site for upcoming project titled as "Happy Grandma March Day 2016" and its symbol - the martinki.


The main aim of the project is promotion of the Balkan cultural heritage through popularization, including the common cultural practices of the Balkan Peninsula. Since 2013, the custom associated with the amulets know as Martinki (Мартинки in Macedonia), Mártenitsa (Мартеница in Bulgaria), Mărţişor (in Romania and Moldova), was proposed to be protected as intangible cultural heritage with the multinational application to UNESCO, in which the Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldavia takes part. The application is still ongoing and it is one of the strongest links connected to this event bringing on the daylight a topic less known for the tradition of the Balkan people.

Grandma March Day I Cultural practices of the Balkans
Official web site:

 The main program of the "Happy Grandma March Day 2016" project is designed of several elements:

• exhibition of the panels with explanation about the geographical location of the custom, how to make the traditional and contemporary amulets, the way of giving and wearing the amulets, ritual practice, symbolism of the colours as well as the local legends about Grandma March Day 
• exhibition of the hand-made amulets from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania 
• projection of documentaries about the Grandma March Day 
• sales bazaar for buying amulets 
• creative workshops

Exhibition itinerary: 
01.03.-09.03.2016 – City Mall Skopje, Skopje – hosted by HAEMUS
11.03.-13.03.2016 – Regional Library, Vidin – hosted by Mihalaki Georgiev Regional Library
15.03.-31.03.2016 – Buzau County Museum, Buzau – hosted by Buzau County Museum

Within the International Project titled as "Happy Grandma March Day 2016", which will be held in City Mall Skopje, Skopje, on 1th – 9th March 2016, the sales exhibition with various types of handicrafts martinki thematically connected to the celebration and replica of the exhibited artifacts will be available.

Since 2013 the custom about the “Grandma March Day” associated with recognizable amulets, was proposed to be protected as intangible cultural heritage with the multinational application to UNESCO, in which the Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldavia takes part. The application is still ongoing. The support for Macedonian part of the UNESCO application was hard-copy signed by HAEMUS, Skopje municipality and Strumica municipality.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

UNESCO Club HAEMUS Lectures and the Open Educational Resources 

HAEMUS, founded as a center for scientific research and cultural promotion two years ago, has steadily grown into an organization dedicated to the preservation of our collective memory in the Republic of Macedonia and the Balkans. To achieve this broad aim, we encourage cooperation with various organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, both domestic and international.


HAEMUS engages in a wide range of related activities, including organizing local projects, participating in prestigious world conferences, publishing content in scientific journals, coordinating with international agencies such UNESCO, as well as providing educational tours, events, workshops and public lectures. These activities also include the work of the official UNESCO Club HAEMUS and the publication of HAEMUS Journal, an academic e-journal for archaeology and history of the Balkan peninsula.

Lecture by prof. Nikos Chausidis about the "Religious continuities on the territory of Macedonia - from the Neolithic age to the 21st century"“

Our Lecture Series has been created under the conceptual framework of UNESCO's "Open Educational Resources" (OER) for academics and activists engaged professionally in cultural heritage, and often in cooperation with the local Alliance for OER in Macedonia. The alliance functions as a network of organizations and individuals, united in the common goal of raising awareness and capacity of the local academic and scientific community, including free access to cultural knowledge on the Internet. This type of Lecture is interactive with open access  public, and video-recorded for later upload to the Internet.  As such, it can continue to serve as educational material, available to anyone interested in the particular topic.

18.11.2013, City Museum of Skopje, prof. Vanco Gjorgiev - "The Ilinden Uprising, Historiographical Dilemmas and Controversies

23.05.2013, City Museum of Skopje, prof. Dalibor Jovanovski - "Greek Foreign Policy and the Macedonian Name"

18.11.2013, City Museum of Skopje, herald Jovan Jonovski - ''REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA: COAT OF ARMS quest for dilemma's answers?''

20.02.2014, City Hall Skopje, prof. Nikos Chausidis - "Religious continuities on the territory of Macedonia - from the Neolithic age to the 21st century"

23.12.2014,  Museum of Macedonian struggle - Skopje, International Archaeology Day 2014, Valentina Todoroska - ''Underwater heritage of the Republic of Macedonia''

HAEMUS part of UNESCO Application about the Мartinki

On March 01, 2014, at 11:00 am, UNESCO Club HAEMUS hosted a public event at Skopje City Mall entitled “Grandma March” Day. Happy First of March! (mk. Среќна Баба Марта) is an annual event held by HAEMUS on 01.03. celebrating both, the beginning of the spring and ancient tradition connected with wearing of martinki (mk. мартинки). The event was made in collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Protection Office and the Institute of folklore “Marko Cepenkov”.


01.03.2014 Vasilka Dimitrovska, president of HAEMUS, was guest at the national television SITEL speaking about the work of HAEMUS as a part of the UNESCO application to protect the martinki as an intangible world heritage [more]

For the Official Announcement submitted to UNESCO Headquarter by HAEMUS click here 


The last example of successful engagement between UNESCO , HAEMUS and OER was the Balkan Prehistoric Conference 2015 entitled “Settlements, culture and population dynamics in Balkan prehistory”, held in Skopje, 13-14 March 2015. The event was organized in partnership with the City Museum of Skopje, EXARC and EU Infocentre, with more than 100 scholars from 20 countries. It was the largest archaeological conference of its kind ever held in the Republic of Macedonia.

 Source: HAEMUS

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